Men Get Away With Murder

Men get away with a lot more at the workplace than women do. During my field research study I have realized that the men at my job tend to play around a lot more, men get to play games and fool around. Women on the other hand will get in trouble for petty reasons such as talking to one another and applying more lipgloss. During my observations I have realized many times where males have done foolish things and don’t get reprimanded. My job has more male managers than female managers. Men feel more comfortable reprimanding a woman than a man in the workplace. I came across an interesting scenario, a few male servers were playing soccer in the dinning room during a dinner service. They were having a soccer game at work while on the clock. The amusing part was that some managers decided to play with them. I was in complete shock that a full course soccer game was taking place I had to record it. The second video is more shocking than the first, it is of a male employee and a male manager drinking on the job. They weren’t drinking juice but alcoholic beverages while on the clock! Not only is this inappropriate for the workplace but for a manager and an employee. Both the manager and the employee said cheers and continued like it was normal. These two videos I recorded are prime examples of how males can get away with just about anything at work while working without questions by any managers.



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