Male Domination

Men want to dominate every situation, without giving someone a chance to help find a solution. Male managers are dominant and automatically want to take over the whole situation. Sometimes they are so quick to want to take over they don’t even know what problem they are solving. Female managers are more teamwork oriented and prefer conjoined help rather than the manager figuring out the problem solo. . Man to man is more of quick talk and straight to the point. A woman-to-woman conversation is a detail recollection of the event they are discussing. I have realized men have an alpha-male ego, a superior feeling over females. It is more usual to see men in a higher position such as management rather than females. Men like to take control of everything, and if they weren’t doing that they would’ve fell below the stereotypical standard of men in the workplace. When it comes to discussing issues in the workplace men didn’t give the females much of a chance, it was their way or the highway. When two females would solve the problem it’s a lot more back and forth and process of elimination of the best solution. Men lean towards quick and easy approach and women more time consuming and meticulous method. Both ways are efficient in the workplace and provide good balance. Below is a video of how women perceive men in the workplace, it is a cartoon but there are numerous similarities. Through research males in management positions have a alpha-male standard that they have to live up to and this video explains that in a comedic way.The other video is a list of alpha male qualities.







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