It’s All About the Money

A form of gender inequality is sexuality, but women play a role in this just as much as men. In some scenarios women are perceived as objects instead of human beings.During my field research I concluded that women are being perceived as money meters. In some cases women feed into the perceptions and follow through. Men and women play a part in sexuality at the workplace. While some men may flirt with the women, some women entertain the conversation. When it comes to restaurant business women tend to sexualize their selves for money as well. As a server you are working for tips, aside from hourly, that is how you make majority of your money. I have noticed that some women shout “equality” but do the complete opposite to diminish the pedestal that we put ourselves on. Deeper than this observation, there has to be a reason why women have to sexualize themselves in the workplace. Economically men make more than women, this could be a major factor as too why women have to do other things to try and get ahead. Some women may feel like sexualizing themselves can put them on the same playing field as men, but it does the complete opposite. The video below describes how women can achieve success through the point of view of a man in the workplace. Although this doesn’t go for every male and female it does fall true for others. This video represents a females failure to not give into gender stereotype and a males failure to not treat women with respect.


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