Work Talk

Another aspect of men vs. woman in the workplace is the communication. Communication plays the biggest role in a restaurant. A man to man conversation is completely different from a man to woman, and a woman to woman. A woman-to-woman conversation is a detail recollection of the event they are discussing. Men automatically dumb down their sentences when having conversations with women in the workplace. It’s as if they have a switch that tells them to use smaller words, but at the same time they converse in a friendly manner.  A man to man conversation is more of quick talk and straight to the point.During my field research study I have studied the ways in which males talk to females in the workplace. When males are conversing with other males they seem to use an extensive vocabulary to impress one another. On the flip side, when males are talking to females they seem to use smaller more elementary school vocabulary words to converse with females. It is an interesting study because you would think the males will try to impress females rather then males. I realized through my research that the workplace is a male dominated territory. Females are the least of the males concern. Females have a couple more obstacles to overcome before we can balance out the male to female management ratio in the workplace. The lack of balance has made females no competition to men. Men don’t view females as a threat because female management is unusual.



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