Gratuity? Who Gets It?

Gratuity depends on your gender and the gender of the people at the table that you will be serving. When women come to a dinner service they are the most unpredictable when it comes to the gratuity. Some women who are younger don’t understand the value of tipping and how essential it is. Women who are older have a better understanding of the value of tipping instead of being ignorant about it. People don’t understand that if a guest doesn’t tip the server, the money has to come out of the servers pocket at the end of the night. Gratuity is not just extra money you give your server but it’s the labor and time put into making a smooth dinner service. Although serving the customer is our job, some customers are more needy than others. “I want a round of waters”, “ I need more salt”, “get me more sauce” all those demands are time consuming. At the end of the night the server has to tip out the bartender and the service support, with ignorance of not tipping will make servers have to come out their pocket more than they have too. Below is a video of a restaurant and how a guests didn’t tip him for his service. I also have a link below of a couple who went out to eat and the wife didn’t tip the server because she thought the server wanted her husband. The server was amused because she is a newlywed and she had no interest in the husband. This story is a prime example of an ignorant guests, as a server our main focus is just providing great customer service and getting paid not to pick up a potential soulmate.





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