Gratuity? Who Gets It?

Gratuity depends on your gender and the gender of the people at the table that you will be serving. When women come to a dinner service they are the most unpredictable when it comes to the gratuity. Some women who are younger don’t understand the value of tipping and how essential it is. Women who are older have a better understanding of the value of tipping instead of being ignorant about it. People don’t understand that if a guest doesn’t tip the server, the money has to come out of the servers pocket at the end of the night. Gratuity is not just extra money you give your server but it’s the labor and time put into making a smooth dinner service. Although serving the customer is our job, some customers are more needy than others. “I want a round of waters”, “ I need more salt”, “get me more sauce” all those demands are time consuming. At the end of the night the server has to tip out the bartender and the service support, with ignorance of not tipping will make servers have to come out their pocket more than they have too. Below is a video of a restaurant and how a guests didn’t tip him for his service. I also have a link below of a couple who went out to eat and the wife didn’t tip the server because she thought the server wanted her husband. The server was amused because she is a newlywed and she had no interest in the husband. This story is a prime example of an ignorant guests, as a server our main focus is just providing great customer service and getting paid not to pick up a potential soulmate.





Work Talk

Another aspect of men vs. woman in the workplace is the communication. Communication plays the biggest role in a restaurant. A man to man conversation is completely different from a man to woman, and a woman to woman. A woman-to-woman conversation is a detail recollection of the event they are discussing. Men automatically dumb down their sentences when having conversations with women in the workplace. It’s as if they have a switch that tells them to use smaller words, but at the same time they converse in a friendly manner.  A man to man conversation is more of quick talk and straight to the point.During my field research study I have studied the ways in which males talk to females in the workplace. When males are conversing with other males they seem to use an extensive vocabulary to impress one another. On the flip side, when males are talking to females they seem to use smaller more elementary school vocabulary words to converse with females. It is an interesting study because you would think the males will try to impress females rather then males. I realized through my research that the workplace is a male dominated territory. Females are the least of the males concern. Females have a couple more obstacles to overcome before we can balance out the male to female management ratio in the workplace. The lack of balance has made females no competition to men. Men don’t view females as a threat because female management is unusual.


It’s All About the Money

A form of gender inequality is sexuality, but women play a role in this just as much as men. In some scenarios women are perceived as objects instead of human beings.During my field research I concluded that women are being perceived as money meters. In some cases women feed into the perceptions and follow through. Men and women play a part in sexuality at the workplace. While some men may flirt with the women, some women entertain the conversation. When it comes to restaurant business women tend to sexualize their selves for money as well. As a server you are working for tips, aside from hourly, that is how you make majority of your money. I have noticed that some women shout “equality” but do the complete opposite to diminish the pedestal that we put ourselves on. Deeper than this observation, there has to be a reason why women have to sexualize themselves in the workplace. Economically men make more than women, this could be a major factor as too why women have to do other things to try and get ahead. Some women may feel like sexualizing themselves can put them on the same playing field as men, but it does the complete opposite. The video below describes how women can achieve success through the point of view of a man in the workplace. Although this doesn’t go for every male and female it does fall true for others. This video represents a females failure to not give into gender stereotype and a males failure to not treat women with respect.

Male Domination

Men want to dominate every situation, without giving someone a chance to help find a solution. Male managers are dominant and automatically want to take over the whole situation. Sometimes they are so quick to want to take over they don’t even know what problem they are solving. Female managers are more teamwork oriented and prefer conjoined help rather than the manager figuring out the problem solo. . Man to man is more of quick talk and straight to the point. A woman-to-woman conversation is a detail recollection of the event they are discussing. I have realized men have an alpha-male ego, a superior feeling over females. It is more usual to see men in a higher position such as management rather than females. Men like to take control of everything, and if they weren’t doing that they would’ve fell below the stereotypical standard of men in the workplace. When it comes to discussing issues in the workplace men didn’t give the females much of a chance, it was their way or the highway. When two females would solve the problem it’s a lot more back and forth and process of elimination of the best solution. Men lean towards quick and easy approach and women more time consuming and meticulous method. Both ways are efficient in the workplace and provide good balance. Below is a video of how women perceive men in the workplace, it is a cartoon but there are numerous similarities. Through research males in management positions have a alpha-male standard that they have to live up to and this video explains that in a comedic way.The other video is a list of alpha male qualities.






Men Get Away With Murder

Men get away with a lot more at the workplace than women do. During my field research study I have realized that the men at my job tend to play around a lot more, men get to play games and fool around. Women on the other hand will get in trouble for petty reasons such as talking to one another and applying more lipgloss. During my observations I have realized many times where males have done foolish things and don’t get reprimanded. My job has more male managers than female managers. Men feel more comfortable reprimanding a woman than a man in the workplace. I came across an interesting scenario, a few male servers were playing soccer in the dinning room during a dinner service. They were having a soccer game at work while on the clock. The amusing part was that some managers decided to play with them. I was in complete shock that a full course soccer game was taking place I had to record it. The second video is more shocking than the first, it is of a male employee and a male manager drinking on the job. They weren’t drinking juice but alcoholic beverages while on the clock! Not only is this inappropriate for the workplace but for a manager and an employee. Both the manager and the employee said cheers and continued like it was normal. These two videos I recorded are prime examples of how males can get away with just about anything at work while working without questions by any managers.


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